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Early Release Times
    PreK at 12pm / K -2 at 12:40pm / 3-5 at 12:50pm/ 6-8 at 1:00pm


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Middle School Curriculum


Inclement Weather


Inclement Weather Policy (SCHOOL CLOSINGS)

The Diocese of St. Augustine and Palmer Catholic Academy cancels classes due to inclement weather as advised by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools. The Superintendent will closely follow the actions of St Johns County and city recommendations in making the decision.  St. John’s County school closings are based on the suitability of roads and the consideration of power and safety needs of all schools countywide.


Palmer utilizes a parent broadcast notification service to deliver important messages relative to school closings due to weather. It is imperative that parents keep the school updated with correct emergency phone numbers.  Please also listen to weather reports through the television and radio for announcements and be sure to stay safe. 

Inclement Weather Policy (SCHOOL REMAINS OPEN)

During inclement weather (rain or thunder/lightning), there will be a yellow flag posted to indicate one carpool line (along the sidewalk). 


Welcome New Palmer Families! Please keep an eye out for the following New Family events:

  • New Family Orientation (at start of the school year) - This is an evening gathering at Palmer to go over some basic information and answer questions.

  • New Family Mentor Program - Each new family is assigned a veteran family as a contact for any questions that arise.

  • New Family Welcome Breakfast (September) - Hosted by a veteran family, this breakfast is for new families and their mentors. It is a great way to meet other new families, as well as ask questions of veteran families in person. (We will host a virtual welcome breakfast in September)

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New Family Orientation Topics:
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