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Palmer Catholic Academy Mission Statement:

Palmer Catholic Academy of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church provides a Catholic and Christ-centered educational environment that inspires all students to reach their full spiritual and academic potential and become responsible, respectful, and reverent disciples of Christ.

Palmer Catholic Academy Beliefs Statements:

Palmer Catholic Academy recognizes the history of education in the Diocese of St. Augustine and is committed to the following objectives:


  • We believe in providing a distinctive Christian environment that teaches Catholic values and traditions, promotes spiritual growth, and instills a lasting love for God.


  • We believe in creating an awareness for the Church’s three-fold mission of message, community, and service.


  • We believe in the importance in sharing with students, families, and the greater community a common faith in Jesus, which is sustained by the sacramental and prayer life of the church.


  • We believe in providing a learning environment which incorporates stimulating, new teaching concepts within a structured and intimate classroom setting.


  • We believe in instilling self-discipline and responsibility in each student.


  • We believe in fostering an attitude of respect toward self, peers, and those in authority.


  • We believe in encouraging the achievement and development of self-worth according to individual, God-given abilities and talent.


  • We believe in encouraging a loving family environment within the school community where learning is a successful and enjoyable experience.


  • We believe in providing a diverse curriculum to develop skills in religion, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, technology, and foreign language.


  • We believe in developing and teaching cultural enrichment through secondary language, music, and art, special events, and field trips.

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