All of our teachers are certified by the State of Florida in their particular areas.

MAIN NUMBER -- (904) 543-8515



Linda Earp, Principal Palm Valley Campus & Church Campus x3140    principal@pcapvb.org
Daniela DosSantos, Assistant Principal   x3143    ddossantos@pcapvb.org

Elizabeth McLauchlin, Guidance Counselor x3112    emclauchlin@pcapvb.org

Monica Begeman, Business Operations & Admissions Director  x3145  mbegeman@pcapvb.org
Robin Devenny, Business Manager  x3142    rdevenny@pcapvb.org

Linda Ermovick, Receptionist Palm Valley Campus  x3141    lermovick@pcapvb.org

Laura Kokos, Attendance & Clinic  x3113    lkokos@pcapvb.org
Lynn Woyt, Records  x3144    lwoyt@pcapvb.org    

Faculty-Middle School Classes


Donna Pisacano, Middle School English  x3203    dpisacano@pcapvb.org

Tracy Gillen, Middle School Math  x3212   tgillen@pcapvb.org  

Mary Grace Schmieder, Middle School Math,  x3212    mschmieder@pcapvb.org

Mary Beth Letscher, Middle School Science  x3200    mletscher@pcapvb.org
Kaitlin Donahue, Middle School Literature  x3204    kdonahue@pcapvb.org
Steve Printy, Middle School Social Studies & Athletic Director  x3202    sprinty@pcapvb.org
Deacon Dan Scrone, Middle School Religion  x3112    dscrone@pcapvb.org

Maureen Mayer, Middle School Literature  x3201   mmayer@pcapvb.org

Patrick Meier, 6th Grade Religion  pmeier@pcapvb.org

Faculty-Intermediate Classes
Cathy Sutphin, 3rd Grade (3A)  x3210    csutphin@pcapvb.org

Madison Barrow, 3rd Grade (3B)  x3209    mbarrow@pcapvb.org

Kitty O'Hara, 4th Grade (4A) x3208  kohara@pcapvb.org

Joanne Loiseau, 4th Grade (4B)  jloiseau@pcapvb.org

Megan King, 5th Grade (5A)  x3206    mking@pcapvb.org

Angela Maguire, 5th Grade (5B),   x3205  amaguire@pcapvb.org

Faculty-Primary Classes

Fionnuala San Juan, Preschool Director-Palm Valley Campus (PKA)  x3106    fsanjuan@pcapvb.org
Robin Convery, Preschool (PKB)  x3107    rconvery@pcapvb.org
Lisa Dayhoff,  Kindergarten (KA)  x3102    ldayhoff@pcapvb.org
Amanda McCarthy, Kindergarten (KB)  x3103    amccarthy@pcapvb.org
Julie Roberts, 1st Grade (1A)  x3104    jroberts@pcapvb.org
Amanda Stasak, 1st Grade (1B)  x3105   
Megan Osiecki, 2nd Grade (2A)  x3108    mosiecki@pcapvb.org
Wendy Parks, 2nd Grade (2B)  x3109    wparks@pcapvb.org

Faculty- Enrichment Classes

Madelyn McCormick, K-8th Media Applications  x3216   mmccormick@pcapvb.org

Catherine Urso, Music  x3123    curso@pcapvb.org
Katie Corrigan, Art  x3213    kcorrigan@pcapvb.org
Ashley Downs, IDEA Lab x3115   adowns@pcapvb.org
Ernest Barber, Physical Education  x3122    ebarber@pcapvb.org
Luis Ardila, Spanish (4th-8th)  x3219    lardila@pcapvb.org
Silvia Vogler, Spanish (K-3rd)  x3114    svogler@pcapvb.org

Donna Garro, Learning Resource Teacher  x3217  dgarro@pcapvb.org

Sarah Chagas, Learning Resource Teacher,  x3121  schagas@pcapvb.org

Gabriela Casale, Reading Support Teacher,  x3214  gcasale@pcapvb.org


Support Staff

Maria Carr, Preschool Aide (PKA)    mcarr@pcapvb.org

Vanessa Huebner, Preschool Aide (PKB)   vhuebner@pcapvb.org

Christi Begeman, Kindergarten Aide (KA)    cbegeman@pcapvb.org
Kathy Emsley, Kindergarten Aide  (KB)    kemsley@pcapvb.org

Rachel Rukab, 1st Grade Aide (1A)   rrukab@pcapvb.org

Maria San Juan, 1st Grade Aide (1B)    msanjuan@pcapvb.org

Natalia Anderson, 2nd Grade Aide (2A)    nanderson@pcapvb.org
Georgina Harter, 2nd Grade Aide (2B)    gharter@pcapvb.org

Julie Grayauskie, 3rd Grade Aide   jgrayauskie@pcapvb.org

Katie Cashin, 4th Grade Aide    kcashin@pcapvb.org

Michele Cameron , Middle School Aide    mcameron@pcapvb.org

Lauren Lepore, Learning Resource Aide, x3215  llepore@pcapvb.org 

Karen Slater, Learning Resource Aide x3215   kslater@pcapvb.org


Angels After Hours

Cafeteria x3110

Brenda Nibi, Director Angels After Hours    bnibi@pcapvb.org

Anne Dutcher, Angels After Hours    adutcher@pcapvb.org

Linda Kepner, Angels After Hours    lkepner@pcapvb.org

Silvia Vogler, Angels After Hours     svogler@pcapvb.org

Gabby Dayhoff, Angels After Hours    gdayhoff@pcapvb.org

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance   x3117      maintenance@pcapvb.org

Alfredo Carrillo

Adolfo Garcia

Isabel Marcos Iglesais

Patricia Zarate


Palmer Catholic Academy 

4889 Palm Valley Road

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Phone 904-543-8515

Fax 904-543-8750