UPDATED 03-31-20


Our fabulous staff made each child a bag of their books and materials which may be needed for their remote learning....And our wonderful parents picked them up!

A Few Important Notes

Teachers will be posting all the assignments for the day by 8:00 AM so that everyone can work at their own pace throughout the day.  

Teachers have been instructed to stop answering emails at 5 PM.  Please send questions to the teachers whenever you have them, but know that those received after 5 PM will not be answered until the next day. They are available all day from 7:30-3:30 to answer all your questions.  Thank you for understanding!  

Zoom - If a Zoom meeting is scheduled, the teacher will send the students the meeting link and password to enter the meeting.   For Middle School students, the Zoom app was downloaded to the iPads but will only be active Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM.  

For Middle School (Microsoft Teams) - cameras have been enabled on the iPads and students can submit work until the 11 PM deadline.  Any deadlines that were added through the platform were adjusted to reflect the 11 PM deadline. Assignments should be submitted through "Turn-In" only, NOT in the team feed. 

Check-in - Due to the overwhelming anxiety over the check-in time frame, students' daily attendance will be determined by the assignments submitted. If your child is unable to submit their assignments for the day, they will be considered absent. In this case, as per the State of Florida, you must submit an excuse note. Please send it to lkokos@pcapvb.org .

For Class Dojo users (grades Pre-K-5) - In order to reduce the amount of posts in the feed, assignments from enrichment teachers (IDEA Lab, Music, Art, PE, Computers, and Spanish) will be posted by the classroom teacher and be at the bottom of your class story feed on the day of their regularly scheduled class. These enrichment assignments are NOT due that day. They are typically due the following week unless stated otherwise.  For grades Pre-K-1, the first post that you should see each day is a schedule of the subjects to be covered that day and the due dates for any assignments.  

For Class Dojo users (grades Pre-K-5) - When looking for your student's assignments, it is  easier to access the platform as a student rather than a parent.  When you access as a parent, you will see posts from all of your children's teachers (if you have multiple children) and this may be overwhelming. Therefore, look at your individual children's account to view assignments. 


Grades PreK-5- Enrichment teachers will be posting their lessons and activities the night before their scheduled classes.

It has been noted that on the Class Dojo app when logged in as a student, the student can only see the posts on the Class Story that were posted for that day.  Therefore, when the student goes back during the week to find the Enrichment assignment (Art, Music, etc.), it will not be seen on the student feed anymore. Three ways around this are:  1. log-in as the parent and look up the assignment, or 2. snap a screenshot of the assignment the day it is on the feed so it is available for referencing during the week to complete, or 3. use your computer browser to log-in to Dojo, and through the browser, you should able to see all the posts.  

Mrs. McLauchlin, our School Counselor, is available for any families or students who may be struggling emotionally during this time.  You can email her directly at emclauchlin@pcapvb.org.   

Please remember, as per policy, all textbooks and school devices need to be returned in the same condition in which they were received to avoid fees at the end of the school year. Please instruct your child to have a safe place to keep all his/her materials.  In addition, please do not allow your child to go ahead in the books.  Students should only complete the work and pages that are assigned.  If your child is in need of extra work, there are plenty of websites including some virtual field trips that we can share with you.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. As always, please contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Earp or Mrs. DosSantos  via email with any questions or concerns.