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Sponsored by Bright Smiles Pediatric Dentistry


We reached our goal and are so appreciative

of all of your support!


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In these difficult times, it is harder than ever for our students to feel connected and for our school to meet our necessary fundraising goals.

The Palmer Catholic Academy Superhero Strong Fund Run is a Virtual Fund Run where the students and their families can run, bike, scooter, or walk to their personal fundraising goal and earn fun prizes along the way!

Our students are so excited for the run so please consider donating.

All proceeds not only benefit the school, but also our students.

Any and all support is greatly appreciated!


Join your grade level for PCA's Virtual Fund Run

Registions starts October 5th,

Event runs October 12th-31st

Click on your grade level(s) below

**Please ask your donors to put your child/family name in the 'Attributed To' section so we can make sure everyone gets the correct credit for the donations**

Please keep the following in mind when registering your Child(ren)


  • Please register through a computer and NOT a phone.

  • Use the link sent to you by the HSA


Any change in condition, will change the registration process slightly.

Use the Registration Directions below if needed.

Please contact Liz Vianello with any questions:

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Kindergarten Team.png
1st Grade Team.png
2nd Grade Team.png
3rd Grade Team.png
4th Grade Team.png
5th Grade Team.png
6th Grade Team.png
7th Grade Team.png
8th Grade Team.png
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